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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Under The Mistletoe

Manhattan-bound A Train in Brooklyn
Meagan pronounced Under The Mistletoe, by Mary Balogh, historical fiction, and she wasn't kidding. The collection of stories takes place in Regency, England. That's Jane Austen's milieu. Meagan, who said she is a "coordinator," had only started the book and was reading a story about a woman whose husband was away for a year and then returns for--you guessed it--Christmas. Meagan saw the book "on the sales rack" and bought it. She doesn't read much on the train because she doesn't take the train that much. She usually drives.

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J. Jansen said...

The book takes place in Regency England, yes?? That *totally* makes it historical fiction, as in fiction that takes place in a time period of the past. Just because the focus of the novel is romance doesn't mean it can't be quite historical and quite fictional. Besides, I would imagine that this reader has learned a bit about the time period, what people wore, the sexual mores of the time, the....decor.