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Friday, June 13, 2008

PS I Love You

Uptown 5 Train, Lower Manhattan
Lydia and I agreed that while neither of us tend to read love stories for the sake of reading love stories, the idea behind PS I love You, by Cecelia Ahern was pretty original. If you've seen the movie with Hilary Swank, you know what it's about, but neither Lydia nor I have seen the movie. She's waiting to read the book first because she believes the movie will spoil the book: "It's about a lady who loses her husband at a young age. Her friends are going on with their lives, but she's depressed. She's about 25." Lydia says that the husband, who knew he would die of a brain tumor, left scores of notes for his wife around the house that she would then find after he died. The notes told her how to "move on," how to get a job, even how to go on a vacation. It's a good book, said Lydia, who usually reads "action" books and biographies and is a customer service representative at JFK for the Port Authority.

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