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Friday, June 13, 2008

Turkish Reflections

Franklin Avenue Shuttle between Fulton and Botanic Garden
Virginia is going to Turkey. And Bulgaria. And Georgia. All around the Black Sea, in fact. So she went to the library and withdrew Turkish Reflections: A Biography of a Place, by writer Mary Lee Settle, an author of which Virginia had heard about before she read the book. Her tour operator, she said, recommended the Turkish Reflections. "It's travel writing, history, observations." Virginia is one lucky woman. The Black Sea coast is beautiful, both with typical beach attributes but also with beautiful ruins, lush forests, and friendly people. I got off the train, Tuesday evening, June 10, dripping with sweat from this early summer heat wave, walked up the stairs to Eastern Parkway, went and purchased some stewed chicken at Golden Crust on Franklin, and fantasized about the cool climes of the Sanfranbolu coast, looking at the Black Sea from a hilltop filled with all those wonderful 17th century Turkish homes.

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