what new yorkers are reading on the subway

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Daughter of Fortune

Jay-Borough Hall, waiting for the F Train
There are certain trains where riders read. That seems to be always true on the F Train, especially between midtown Manhattan and Park Slope. I'll let you, gentle reader, find your own conclusions. So although I myself patiently waited for the A Train across the platform at Jay-Borough Hall, I guessed that by wandering over to the F side, I'd find a reader. Sure enough, Maria, a union organizer, read Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende while waiting for the F, which came two minutes after I approached her. Contrary to my assumption, however, she says she usually doesn't read books on the train. She reads magazines. However she got Daughter of Fortune at train station--I'm assuming she meant Grand Central or Penn Station. She assumes that by doing so, "it is something that has to be mass marketed," and therefore an easy read. Readers? Is this novel an easy, train-ready, read? Sadly, before I asked if I could take a picture of her holding her book, Maria's train came.

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