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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ascension: John Coltrane and His Quest

Garth Wolkoff, Teacher
Ascension: John Coltrane and His Quest
by Eric Nisenson

I borrowed it from my coworker Eric after I read Coltrane: The Story of a Sound. I have become a little bit obsessed. I am just beginning the book, which is a biography. Like The Story of a Sound, this book is supposed to be less a conventional biography and more a focus on his music, why he made it, and Coltrane's cultural context. I'm not sure, however, if I can read two books on Coltrane.


Meg said...

Garth-Do you still have this book? or was it a Library thing. If you own it, may I borrow it next time your in LA?

joolee said...

Goshdarnit, Garth, I had to sign up for a bloody google identity and it erased my previous comment. Can I speak to your manager or something? :o)
Your blog is brilliant...were you able to read the 2nd coltrane book? Should I get one for Bill? (this is Joolee, Leslie's cousin's girlfriend) He's on the boat now and I'm in AK. Yes, brilliant blog!

Garth Wolkoff said...

Joolee, Yes! Get the Story of a Sound for Bill. Then come visit us when he gets off the boat. gw